Vortex Air Elite Training Academy is a flight training provider located at Moorabbin Airport, Melbourne.

Whether you have no previous experience, wish to upgrade your existing license or would like to obtain additional ratings and endorsements, Vortex Air Elite Training Academy can accommodate you.

With its association with Vortex Air and Tasfast Airfreight, Vortex Air Elite Training Academy truly enjoys a unique environment. Vortex Air is the largest charter company at Moorabbin Airport and operates Piper Chieftains and Cessna Caravans; it is in this environment that your training will be conducted. Training is provided by Grade 1 Instructors that also conduct charter work for Vortex, thus they are able to provide a real-world emphasis on your training, i.e. not just training you to be able to pass a flight test!
As you train at Vortex, you will likely make some useful professional connections (and friends!) with our awesome team of professional charter pilots.

Further, the CFI of the school will likely undertake some training with is also a Flight Examiner. Your CFI is able to conduct a range of flight tests including, CPL, Multi-engine Class and Instrument Ratings. It goes without saying that we welcome you back to conduct your annual Instrument Proficiency Check.

Vortex Air Elite Training Academy has established a niche training market. We are a small but personalised school, and unable to provide (at this stage) services such as fee-help. However, to remain competitive, we have had to develop some truly good products.
Our latest business model includes providing a Piper Chieftain in which to conduct Instrument Ratings. We offer a competitive air-switch (dual) rate, meaning that there is no cost involved in ground operations, run-ups or other IFR ground delays.

We take pride in the quality of the students that leave our academy; we want our school to be spoken of highly so it might be recommended by students and other charter companies alike. To assist our student’s development, we provide a synthetic trainer, which is available for free for our students to practise on by themselves.

Evidently, Vortex Elite Training Academy can provide you a level of flight-training service not readily available elsewhere.

We invite you to contact our CFI Courtney directly on 0452 463 259 if you have any queries, or would like to organise a visit.

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